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Helping on Camp

Because we are dealing with young people all our leaders have to be DBS checked (at our cost) and also have two people (not on the camp you help on or related to you) to provide MWCC with a reference about how suitable you are for the role you have applied for.

New volunteers will also need to be interviewed by a camp leader(s) and/or a Trustee.

Volunteer as a leader

Whether you are an experienced youth worker or someone who just wants to get involved with the fun of a camp, we would like to hear from you.
There are lots of different roles available - your first step is to complete our volunteer application form. Even if you have helped before this form needs to be completed each year (sorry!)

Join our Tech Team

A very important part of our volunteer teams don't actually work on the camps! Strange but true - the advance guard team put camp up and the rear guard team take it down.  In the background while the camps are running the Tech Team maintain the site. These are vital roles that make camp happen,  so if you would like to help but don't feel gifted in leading worship or working with children you can still help Mid Wessex.

Are you ready to experience our 2024 camps?

Our 2024 Christian Camps are now available to book! If you want to be apart of the Mid-Wessex Christian Camps family this summer, explore our selection of camps and find the one that's right for you. 

Other Important Roles

Work on our three weeks of camps actually happens 52 weeks a year. Huge amounts of planning, administration and work has to go on behind the scenes.  So even if you can't help on those crucial three weeks we would still like to hear from you. 

Some of the roles we need help on - administration, equipment maintenance, putting up and taking down camp, committee members, pastoral care, legal advice .... the list is endless! If you think you can help, please fill in our contact form.

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